Traces of viking culture

The two most important countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Britain and Russia, were created with the Vikings inseparable. The Vikings were also great explorers. They discovered Greenland, the largest island in the world. They also arrived in the Americas five hundred years earlier than Columbus and established a colony in Newfoundland. In addition, Vikings have also left a deep imprint on Europe in terms of culture. For example, in English, from Monday to Sunday, these seven words are derived from the language of the Vikings, while in Western fantasy literature, from Monday to Sunday From “The Lord of the Rings” to “Game of Thrones”, traces of Viking culture can be found everywhere.

Marvel’s famous superhero “Thor” is also a myth from the Vikings. After the 18th century, the historical image of “Viking pirates” was repositioned and became a symbol of courage to explore. Therefore, in the last century, the Mars probe launched by NASA was named “Viking” after them.

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