The story of bluetooth

The Danish bluetooth king Harald I, this name is very interesting. According to legend, he has a blue tooth. Today, many blueberry beverage promotion materials will mention him, saying that he eats blue because he loves blueberries. Of course, this is affiliated and has no basis. Mentioning him is not because of his interesting nickname, but the Bluetooth king introduced Christianity to Denmark and gradually replaced the gods Odin and Thor that the Vikings originally believed in. Later, Norway and Sweden followed his example.

It was on this basis that Northern Europe gradually integrated into the Christian world and the mainstream European civilization circle, and this influence continues to this day. Another influence of the bluetooth king is that today’s bluetooth headset is named after his nickname, because he was eloquent.

In his era, bluetooth was synonymous with being able to speak and be good at communication, so later generations named the wireless headset as bluetooth. The point is to make communication easier.

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