Why are the Vikings so powerful?

The climate where they live is cold, and it is not suitable to wear metal armor, because metal is easy to stick to the meat at low temperature, so most of them wear leather jackets, which is relatively backward in equipment. Their only advantage in weapons is the two-handed giant sword. At that time, the steelmaking technology was not good enough. Therefore, in order to increase the lethality of the sword, the blade had to be cast wide and thick, which was especially suitable for the Vikings to use their figure. With the advantage of arm strength, this giant sword can even split a warhorse in half.

Another powerful weapon of the Vikings is their warships. The Vikings’ ships are not big, but they have a keel, which is a whole piece of wood connecting the bow and stern at the bottom of the ship, which can play a fixed role. It was very advanced at that time and could increase the ship’s ability to resist wind and waves. The hull of the Viking ship was very slender and the draft was shallow, so it was fast, and it could sail across the ocean and enter the inland river. It was very maneuverable and flexible, so the Vikings Always be able to launch surprise attacks out of nowhere. The bow of these ships is usually carved with a dragon head, so the Viking ship is also called the dragon head ship, which is the symbol of the Vikings.

The main advantage of the Vikings lies in the cultural aspect. Viking culture is a warrior culture, which is aggressive, especially advocating courage, and pays attention to equality for all, advocates collective wisdom, and has flexible and changeable tactics, which is unexpected. This is a bit like what we call the “Wolf Pack Spirit” today, so the title of this book calls them “Wolf Warriors from the Sea”. With this kind of combat power, the Vikings gave European countries a headache at the time. For example, France built a series of fortresses in the northern coastal area, all of which had an early warning system similar to the beacon tower, but the fortress was dead, and the Vikings’ The boats were alive, and they could sail up the river at will from the estuary in their tugboats and raid the interior of France, and the fortresses could not stop them at all. In 845 AD, King Horrick of Denmark sent general Rannell to capture Paris, and did not withdraw until Charlemagne’s grandson, Charles the Bald, paid a ransom of 6,000 pounds of silver.

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